4Trans, specialist in invoice factoring for supply chain and logistics, receives 18 million euros


Prague-based 4Trans secured an investment of €18m in equity (€3m) and debt (€15m) in a bid to further strengthen its market position in the region .

Using a combination of AI-powered data analytics and automation, 4Trans provides European carriers with up to 80% of an issued invoice in as little as five minutes; a stark contrast to the industry standard three months.

He wouldn’t be a man I wanted to stiffen up over paying a bill.

After having seen more than 50,000 invoices pass through its doors, a future that represents more than 30 million euros in financing, 4Trans announces a tenfold increase in its monthly income since the beginning of this year.

4Trans CEO Jaroslav Ton added: “The supply chain crisis as well as political and economic uncertainty have led to a significant increase in bill payment delays. This has put considerable financial pressure on small and medium-sized European carriers. Unfortunately, most traditional financial institutions simply don’t cater to this group, and those that do take too long to provide financing or charge very large bills. We have created a range of solutions that give small independent contractors in the European supply chain the protection they need and deserve.

4Trans An investment of €18 million was provided by Atmos, Tera Ventures and Lighthouse. UK-based Advance Global Capital has also provided a revolving credit facility to the company.

“Innovation continues to penetrate new niches and verticals in the financial industry and 4Trans is a perfect example where designing products and services from the ground up using the latest technology helps provide customers with the product they need. much-needed and enjoyable experience inaccessible to incumbents,” concluded Stanislav Ivanov of Tera Ventures.


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