Albert Labs Files Provisional US Patent Application and Proves Consistent and Rapidly Scalable Production of Psilocybe and Other Mycelia


Albert Labs’ Files provisional patent application in the United States for a cultivation method for the production of mycelium of psilocybia as well as other species of fungi

Albert Labs International Corp. (CSE: ABRT) (FSE: VB50) (the “Company”), a drug research and development company using advanced cultivation technology to create pharmaceutical grade drugs, based on the mycelia of Psilocybe and other fungi, filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a proprietary process. Albert Labs’ cultivation process can significantly increase production volumes of psilocybin drugs. Society sees demand for naturally produced psilocybin continue to rise as unmet mental health treatment needs reach crisis levels worldwide.

The improved quality and consistency enabled by this patent-pending process is paramount to advancing Eu-GMP production of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) psilocybin. The new process and methodology have optimized the key parameters necessary for efficient cultivation which results in increased yield of high quality of Psilocybe mycelium. The same patent-pending process and methodology can also be applied to the optimized cultivation of other species of fungi, opening up the potential untapped market for bioactive fungal compounds. It is not a synthetic or biosynthetic process and does not use or introduce harmful synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered bacteria into the production of psilocybin. batch to batch, Albert Labs’ the bioreactor design allows them to produce high yields of consistent psilocybin API, the clinical efficacy and safety of which will continue to be evaluated by Albert Labs’ upcoming real-world proof trials.

“At Albert Labs, we are focused on the science of producing and extracting pharmacologically bioactive natural products for mental health. Today’s announcement is a testament to the R&D and engineering expertise we have within our team. Albert Labs’ The manufacturing technology breakthrough represents a very significant advance in our capabilities to produce pharmaceutical grade psilocybin with consistent and standardized psychoactive properties. API consistency is critically important for regulatory approval, and unfortunately, many “field-grown” natural substances are too variable for pharmaceutical use. While a body of science dating back centuries suggests that natural products can have major medicinal benefits, “culture-to-culture” variability has been a serious drawback to their use in regulated pharmaceuticals for many years. decades. By using this new Albert Labs’ technology, the consistent quality of our API is a significant step towards delivering our first trial drug, KRN-101, to patients and thus towards treating people with unmet mental health issues. added Dr. Michael Raymont Chief Executive Officer.

“The recently filed patent-pending process and methodology was painstakingly developed at Albert Labs using rigorous scientific methods. For the first time, scalable mycelium production from Psilocybe using an all-natural process can be used to address to the ever-increasing demand from all over the markets,” said Parminder Singh boss of Albert Labs’ Scientific Advisory Board.

Company of Albert Labs Inc.

A clinical research and drug development company, Albert Labs and its team are experts in the production and extraction of natural drug candidates. Albert Labs seeks to develop solutions to the mental health epidemic through an approved and accelerated clinical pathway focused on real-world evidence (RWE). RWE studies are an increasingly recognized and widely used pathway in the successful development of Covid-19 vaccines. This accelerated development path will help Albert Labs achieve its goal of obtaining marketing authorization and creating high-performance licensed drugs.

Through collaborations with research institutes, hospitals and government agencies, Albert Labs uses existing clinical infrastructure to provide and improve patient access to their treatment. Albert Labs’ The first drug target, KRN-101, is a potential solution to cancer-related anxiety, a market of over 15 million people with approximately 1 million new patients each year. From this initial goal, Albert Labs will address broader mental health issues, which are believed to affect over one billion people worldwide.

Albert Labs recently executed a listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol ABRT. You can find more details at or watch a short “About Albert Labs” video here ( ).


Albert Labs International Corp.

dr. Michael Raymont

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