Application deadline approaching for £16,000 Cash For Charity prize


WE have already received a number of registrations from charities hoping for a share of our £16,000 community giveaway.

If you haven’t applied yet, there’s still time – but you’ll have to be quick.

We are looking for worthy organizations that would benefit from the cash distribution we set up to support good local causes.

Maybe you volunteer or work for a charity or want to support your favorite local charity by offering it for a part of the money prize.

So far, we have received applications from groups involved in animal rescue, mental health, dementia, disabilities and sports.

Making a nomination couldn’t be easier – just log on to and complete the nomination form or write to us, confirming the name and address of the charity you you want to nominate and why, at Readers’ Choice Cash For Charity Nominations, Tanger Central, Castle St, TauntonTA1 4AS before the closing date of Sunday September 11, 2022.

Once all applications are received, our editor will select 10 of the most deserving local charities to be featured in this year’s grant program.

We will then put the power to redistribute the money back into the hands of our readers – for four weeks you will be invited to collect tokens from our newspapers which can then be sent to collection points in our area or posted.

Each token collected will then be used to allocate money to the designated charity. So if your favorite charity collects 50% of all collected tokens, they will receive half of the £16,000.

The money is provided by the charitable arm of our parent company, The Gannett Foundation.

This year, the Gannett Foundation will donate £128,000 to charities across the country.

Our local grantees last year were St Giles Animal Rescue and Chard Museum.

Qualifying Criteria.

Applicants must be registered charities.

Applicants must not have received a grant from us in the past two years.

Preference should be given to projects supporting those in our communities that are neglected or underserved.

Grants will not be awarded for:

Salaries, professional fees, or day-to-day running or maintenance costs of the charity (but this does not exclude such expenses where essential to a specific project).

General calls as opposed to specific projects or equipment.

Projects that do not benefit our local communities.

Political or religious objectives, or projects that discriminate in favor of particular ethnic or religious groups (but this does not exclude religious organizations offering charitable support to the sick or needy without discrimination).

Public or private schools (other than specialized schools).

Hospitals (other than hospices).

Community interest corporations that are not registered charities.


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