Bail request for Thai protest leaders Anon Nampa and Penguin rejected


The South Bangkok Criminal Court today (Wednesday) rejected bail for two leaders of the Ratsadon anti-establishment protest, Anon Nampa and Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak.

The Criminal Court yesterday granted them bail of 2,079,000 baht for other charges, but the two defendants remained in pre-trial detention because their surety using the Ratsadon fund, did not have enough money to bail and launched an online fundraiser last night. , quickly attracting around ten million baht in donations.

Norasate Nanongtoom of Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) said the Bangkok South Court rejected Anon’s bail application because he has several cases pending against him, including the “Harry Potter” protest case, and because, if he was released on bail, he may reoffend and cause more damage.

Regarding Parit, Norasate said the court required the protest leader to submit proof of his university enrollment and the class schedule, issued by the university, to the court for prior review.

The conditions set by the criminal court mean that they are prohibited from engaging in activities that may offend the Thai monarchy or the court and are prohibited from leaving their residence between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. They must also wear electronic anklets and must not obstruct legal proceedings.

Anon and Parit were also released on bail earlier in the day by the Bangkok Southern Municipal and Ayutthaya Provincial Courts in other cases, leaving only the cases in the Bangkok Southern Criminal Court.

Meanwhile, two members of the more hardcore group “Talugas” have been denied bail on charges related to their October 2021 protest, while another activist, Chinnawat “Bright” Chankrajang, has been arrested today for lèse-majesté.


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