Business Owners Turn to Invoice Factoring for Better Big Picture


More and more small and medium businesses are taking advantage of the alternative financing solution to operate more efficiently.

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April 22, 2022

HOUSTON, April 22, 2022 ( –
Charter Capital, a leading company in invoice financing, says that more and more small and medium-sized businesses are choosing the financing solution with their growth initiatives in mind. The company explores the concept in depth in “How Factoring Can Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently,” which is live now at

As noted in the Forbes 2022 survey, and echoed by Deloitte’s Winter 2022 CEO survey, companies have big growth plans for this year, with many focusing their investments on technology that can help them serve more customers or improve workflows and processes. Improving the customer and employee experience and strengthening diversity and inclusion initiatives are also highly valued.

“More and more business owners are seeing invoice factoring as a tool to help them achieve their overall goals,” says Gregory Brown, co-founder and chief executive of Charter Capital. “The value of the immediate infusion of working capital is still there, which can help cover expenses associated with growth, but they’re just as excited to improve their processes and customer experience. “

Brown says factoring allows businesses to get immediate payment for their B2B invoices, so they’re able to offer their customers more flexible payment terms and focus on building relationships. instead of chasing payments. Often this allows customers to place larger or more frequent orders, which helps the business grow even further. Factoring companies like Charter Capital also help their customers by providing customer credit checks, which mitigates some risk when opening new accounts or accepting larger orders from existing customers.

“When business owners are freed from administrative burdens and cash flow issues, they have more time and energy to focus on day-to-day operations and growth initiatives,” Brown continues. “Being able to do this without going into debt or taking unnecessary risks is also a huge relief.”

He says some companies benefit from invoice factoring on a recurring basis, while others simply use it as needed. Because factoring is flexible, it works equally well in both situations. It also differs from bank loans in that most businesses with B2B invoices will qualify and financing can be provided from the day an invoice is submitted.

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