Cash payment for families in Wales struggling to send their children to school due to the cost of living crisis


Families struggling with the UK’s cost of living crisis will be offered one-time payments of £100, in Wales, for their children’s PE kits.

The Welsh Government has announced the £13m support package, to help people with the cost of sending their children to school, PA reports.

Eligible households receive the money through the country’s Student Development Grant (PDG) in 2022/23.

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The grant was recently extended to students in all school years who are eligible for free school meals.

In addition, the Labor government has also extended the provision of free school meals to families over the Easter, Whitsun and summer holidays at a cost of £21.4million.

Welsh Education Minister Jeremy Miles said: “In the midst of this Tory cost of living crisis, household budgets are under significant pressure and many parents will be worried about how they will be able to afford the things their children need for school.

“Families who receive the CEO Access Grant will already be using the £200 to help pay for their children’s school uniform. This additional payment will help cover other costs, such as PE kits, shoes school buildings and other amenities, helping household budgets go a little further.

The cost of living crisis has impacted families in Wales

“I’m glad we can help families a little more during this difficult time and remove some of the financial barriers to education.”

It follows the Welsh Labor Conference this weekend, which was attended by Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, who called the Welsh Government “a model of what Labor can do across the Kingdom. -United “.

He said: “Imagine what we could do if we had this Welsh government working with a Labor government in Westminster – what a change we could make and what a difference we could make to millions of lives.

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“It’s not a pipe dream, it’s our mission. We’re not just on the road to locals in May, we’re on the road to the next general election. Whether it’s next year or the year with the general election approaching, this is our chance to replicate what we are seeing in Wales across the UK.”

Sir Keir told delegates he traveled to the conference directly from Estonia, where he met NATO forces.

The Welsh Conservatives called the party ‘anti-aspiration, anti-jobs and anti-opportunity’.


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