Coimbatore Corporation asked to explain cash payment to fever investigators


Months after hiring hundreds of workers to fight the spread of COVID-19 over the past two years, the Coimbatore Corporation finds itself in the position of having to explain the expenses incurred for this purpose.

Since August 2020, the Society has hired people under contract to work as fever investigators.

The company started by hiring 5,000 people at ₹500 per day. He had asked them to go door to door with thermal scanners and pulse oximeters to check on the townspeople. After checking each occupant of each house, they would report the details of people who showed symptoms of fever to the Society for further testing to determine their COVID-19 status.

The Company had also instructed workers to check the health of people in the containment areas.

As it fought the spread of COVID-19 and the number of cases declined, the Company gradually reduced the number of fever investigation workers to increase it during the second wave. . Finally, when the Company terminated its services in January this year, it had 500 such workers, the sources said. The money the Company had spent on the workers was ₹14 crore.

This expense had come to the attention of the Local Funds Audit Branch who, through the district administration, had requested an explanation from the civic body. The sources said Management wanted to know how the Company could pay workers in cash as the rules explicitly stated that no more than ₹1,000 per person per month could be given in cash.

The Company should have credited the salaries to its bank account, the sources said and that is what Management wanted to know.

The Company will respond to the Management’s questionnaire very soon, the sources said. This would explain the circumstances in which he had to pay in cash.


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