Common questions about bundling and single billing solutions


You want to grow your business, maintain positive cash flow and nurture lasting relationships with your customers. And today, those goals may encounter even more obstacles, as companies run “lean and mean” on resources. In times of economic uncertainty, strong and secure cash flow in the form of contractual recurring revenue can provide stability and assurance that payments will continue to flow into the business.Offering bulk payment and providing a true one-stop billing solution to your customers can help you achieve this. Not only does this approach create a better customer experience and stronger relationships, but it can also help increase your bottom line, increase the value of your business, and secure future cash flow and revenue streams.

Let’s talk about what it means to bundle your equipment, services and supplies. Let’s also get on the same page on the difference between aggregation and a single billing solution and cover some of the most common questions regarding these topics.

What is grouping?

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Common questions about bundling and single billing solutions

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