FIS and Lombard partnership helps solve invoice processing challenges


A successful collaboration between FIS and Lombard, NatWest Bank’s asset finance specialist, has resulted in an artificial intelligence solution to transform the bill-to-pay workflow and customer experience in asset finance. assets.

FIS Invoice Manager uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately capture invoice data and is specially trained for the AP workflow in vehicle and equipment financing. It seamlessly integrates with FIS Asset Finance as well as existing bill-to-pay processes.

The fully digitized invoicing process is expected to go live in early 2023.

Craig Leyland, Head of Finance and Asset Transformation at Lombard, says, “This kind of collaborative innovation has been invaluable to the design process.

“Lombard has a wealth of experience with asset finance processes and FIS has the technology and innovation. When you bring these two together in a common goal, you get powerful results.”

Read the entire article, Paid partnership for FIS and Lombardhere.


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