Ford Lightning 2022 invoice price is totally weird


The Ford F-150 Lightning invoice price will be different from any vehicle on the market, based on our analysis of a letter sent to dealers. Even though factory bill pricing is often relatively straightforward, the highly anticipated electric truck will feature what the brand calls a blended bill structure based on an incredibly complex calculation.

Normally, buying a car for a lower bill would be a good deal. With the 2022 Ford Lightning, the invoice price can become unknowable not only to buyers but also to sellers charged with selling it. While we’ve assumed Ford will take a page from the Mustang Mach-E, it actually won’t.

Ford says the so-called mixed invoice structure “combines the elements of a traditional invoice and an electronic invoice.” The “e-bill” debuted a year ago with the Mach-E, based on an indemnity for each delivery and rewarding dealers who comply with the brand’s advertising rules and who remain certified to sell their EVs.

Even though the Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning are both electric vehicles, their charged prices will be calculated differently. With Lightning, the business will weigh a huge combination of 8 different factors. Here’s a quick look at how the prices charged for the F-150 Lightning will be calculated when the truck goes on sale next year.

  • 1% of MSRP paid to dealers as a delivery allowance for each delivery
  • 1% of MSRP for adhering to advertising rules such as not listing Lightnings under MSRP
  • 1.5% of MSRP as “Floor Plan Assistance” (ie Dealer Inventory Funding)
  • 0.5% of MSRP for Tier 2 Pass-Through for certain marketing fees
  • 0.5% of MSRP for “Tier 3 Co-Op”, which refers to subsidized advertising
  • 0.9% of MSRP for “FCP”, which rewards sales achievement targets
  • 3.1% of MSRP for meeting Ford’s EV certification requirements
  • 1.5% of MSRP for an unspecified “customer integration payment”

If you were to research the price of F-150 invoices, it might not be difficult to determine it based on the resources available online. With the F-150 Lightning, things won’t be that simple. That said, the mixed invoice structure seems to show us that Ford is creating a new system that rewards dealers for doing it right.

The most important components that impact a dealership’s cost on the F-150 Lightning center on Ford standards compliance and customer-centric activities. However, the fact that resellers can sell Lightning at any price might raise the question: will buying a Lightning really be that different?

For now, this seems to remain an open question.

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