from December 13 Invitalia reopens the application


Company funds in difficulty: from December 13, it will be possible to apply to Invitalia access the business support fund temporarily in trouble Due toCoronavirus emergency.

The Ministry of Economic Development announced the reopening of online counters to request access to the GID fund from 400 million euros, instituted by art. 37 of Support decree.

Beneficiaries will have access to subsidized loans, repayable in 5 years, useful for relaunching the business. They can be used for the staff Price, to achieve productive investments or how working capital to be used for “normal business activity”.

To obtain them, companies applying must have a number equal to or greater than 250 employees, or they must have a turnover greater than 50 million it’s a budget over 43 million. Companies in extraordinary administration.

Fund for companies in difficulty: Invitalia branches reopened from December 13, 2021

It will be possible to request access to the Fund for companies in difficulty as soon as 12:00 p.m. on December 12, 2021, up to 11:59 am April 29, 2022.

Invitalia will evaluate the applications according to the order of arrival, until when funds run out. To obtain the benefits, it is necessary to make an electronic application on the Invitalia website.

You will be able to access using only one of the digital identities (SPID, Electronic Identity Card or National Service Card). In addition, the digital signature the legal representative of the company, as well as the certified electronic mail (PEC) of the company.

All the forms to be completed can be found on the specific page of the Invitalia site. While here you can find the user manual with useful information to complete the application.

From the end of the terms of office on April 29, 2022, 60 days preliminary investigation which will be used to analyze the requests. Invitalia plans to adopt the admission resolutions to obtain funding from June 30, 2022.

The loan disbursement it will take place at the next stage, after the beneficiaries who have received the communication from Invitalia have completed the necessary documents to stipulate the loan agreement.

Funds for companies in difficulty: the characteristics of subsidized loans

The GID fund gives subsidized loans, repayable in 5 years, intended to support large companies in difficulty.

The subsidized rate changes over time: it is equal to 0.10 percent the first year, at 0.55 percent for the second and third year, to then access the1.55% for the quantum and the fifth year.

The total amount of the loan cannot exceed 30 million euros. The maximum loan amount, however, it cannot exceed the following requirements:

  • cannot be greater than 25 percent of turnover total 2019;
  • it can’t be higher double the payroll for 2019 or the last available exercise.

For what concern refund of the loan, it must take place “From 12 months following the first (or only) disbursement, with a constant half-yearly amortization plan and deferred payments until May 31 and November 30 of each year», As can be read on the dedicated page of the Invitalia website.

FOCUS funds for companies in difficulty: what can be financed and what cannot

The FAQ concerning the Fund for companies in difficulty clarifies which interventions can be funded of the Fund and which, on the other hand, are excluded.

Generally, companies can use the financing to obtain continuity and recovery production plants and entrepreneurial activities.

Loan recipients will be able to use the funds to:

  • realize or complete productive investments;
  • to cover the staff Price;
  • working capital useful for the exercise of normal business activities.

However, it is not possible to use the funds of the Fund to:

  • the early repayment of other loans, or the repayment of overdue debts;
  • the creation of separate goods;
  • make loans to other Group companies;
  • to pay current or previous taxes.

Fund for companies in difficulty: access conditions

To obtain financing from the GID fund, applicant companies must be able to economic difficulty, caused by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. By this we mean:

  • the presence of insufficient prospective cash flow comply with the obligations of the company in difficulty;
  • a “Hard situation” arose after December 31, 2019, on the basis of the provisions of art. 2 point 18 of EU regulation no. 651/2014.

In addition to completing the application with the required forms, companies must submit a Business plan, which must contain the following information:

  • the company structure of the applicant company, with “particular reference to entrepreneurial skills“;
  • the situation of temporary financial difficulties exceptional;
  • the actions which are intended to be implemented to support the recovery or the continuity of the activity, so as to “in order to restore profitability in the medium term and allow the repayment of the Fund’s loan at maturity, as well as to reduce the impact on employment linked to the situation of temporary financial difficulties“;
  • needs and scheduled hours carry out recovery actions;
  • other actions that the company wishes to take in the event of a possible transaction corporate restructuring.

To be valid, the Plan must be certified and digitally signed by professionals with the conditions for registration in the corresponding Register.

Beneficiaries are required to open a dedicated current account, and provide a periodic reports, to verify the legitimate use of funds.

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