Go ahead for Nambucca RSL Lease Renewal Application – News from the region


DEAR news from the region,

According to information being discussed via Nambucca RSL members, the club is seeking a new lease for the future of the Club from the Board.

It also appears during the negotiation of the new lease, the Council tries to be unreasonable and pressure the RSL to be a cash cow.

1. The claimed 95% rent increase requested is astronomically disproportionate to land and rental values ​​in the area, and a fairer increase should be negotiated

2. The RSL is the tenant, the Council is the manager of the parcel of Crown land on which the RSL sits, so who is the owner of this parcel of land?

As mentioned, “survey work is required by the owner to determine the scope of work to resolve pavement issues.”

Therefore, the responsibility and cost of the investigation work and the actual repair process is certainly on the owner!

Unless there is a legal requirement, as part of the condition of the lease giving RSL ownership responsibility for maintaining the structure and stability of the site.

3. The beautification of the boardwalk and river hardly becomes the responsibility of the RSL and should be covered by the funding the council receives, perhaps redirecting other funds as the council seems to be doing.

4. As a former builder and construction teacher, I think the whole foreshore site is somewhat unstable and just trees, vegetation (of which I have some photos), construction debris and luck supporting the collapse of the foreshore, from Gordon Park to the Boat Ramp to the RSL car park.

It’s only a matter of time before a landslide occurs, all at Council’s expense.

5. Taking the situation one step further on a hypothetical moral or commercial level, the site owner should be responsible or liable for renting a construction site that is unsafe and unsuitable for rental, public purposes or other habitable uses!

Ultimately, one of Nambucca’s most popular entertainment venues deserves to be treated to a financially and obligatorily fair lease.

This would be a financial benefit for the Council, the local community and visitors, by creating a tourist attraction.

Nambucca heads.


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