How to Create an Invoice in Excel


Maybe you’ve just started taking the first steps to starting and running your own business. Chances are you’re using custom billing templates with a popular tool like Excel. Invoice in Excel is one of the most well-known effective tools, ideal for professional invoicing and payment control.

Today you will learn short step-by-step algorithms such as creating invoices in Excel on Windows and Mac. Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Create an invoice with an Excel template (Windows)

Let’s not beat around the bush and look at the most superficial way to create an invoice template in Excel:

  • The first thing to do is to launch the program. Find the corresponding logo on your device and click on it.
  • Then you will need to start looking for suitable templates. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to create an invoice in Excel. The ready-to-use templates listed in the program are perfect for most businesses.
  • Review the available options. Before you start using Excel for invoicing, you need to determine which type of template is right for you.
  • Click the appropriate option. Check if the selected template contains all required fields. Then click on the “Create” button. The program will open a new version of a document. Wondering how to create an invoice in Excel? Do not rush. You’re almost there.
  • Customize the document according to your preferences. Many beginners wonder “how to create an invoice in Excel” if their companies have certain specifics. It’s not a problem at all. TableLooks have an edit option where you can add the required number of fields or delete unnecessary information.
  • Save the invoice to your desktop or an appropriate folder. Please keep all documents in one place. It is recommended to create a folder on your desktop and store all invoices created and sent. This way, you avoid cluttering your desk.
  • Finally, you can start sending invoices to customers. Printed versions can also be used; however, it is archaic in the business world.

How to Create an Invoice from an Excel Template (Mac)

There’s nothing complicated about issuing an invoice if you’re using a MacBook. This process is very similar to the previous step-by-step algorithm. However, it has several features that should be kept in mind.

So, how to make an invoice in Excel if you are using an iOS gadget?

Your steps should look like this:

  • Find the program in the list of applications on your device and click on the Excel icon. Next, you need to create a new template. Click on the “File” tab, which is at the top of the menu, then click on the “Create from template” field.
  • Analyze the available templates and choose the right one for your business. Please note that you can choose a unique design and color scheme for the document.
  • Choose the appropriate option. Once you have found an electronic invoice specific to your company, you must click on the “Create” button.
  • Complete an invoice. Add information about your company and your customer. Check that your payment information is correct before saving the paper.
  • Save the draft to the desktop.
  • Send an invoice to the customer. Do not procrastinate this matter as it negatively affects the timely receipt of payment from customers.

Perhaps the algorithm for creating an invoice for a MacBook seemed too complicated to you. Please use ready-to-use digital papers from Invoice Maker by Saldo Apps.

Advantages and disadvantages of using spreadsheets (Excel)

It’s time to list the basic pros and cons of Excel invoices that you might come across.


  • Simple editing process
  • Intuitive interface
  • A wide range of tools
  • One of the easiest ways to create invoices

The inconvenients:

  • Not suitable for large companies
  • Low security


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