How to make an invoice for hours worked

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Invoices are necessary and important tools in the work of any freelancer, freelancer and independent contractor. While everything is quite simple and clear with unit payments, not everyone knows what to do with the hourly rate. In this article you will learn how to bill for hourly work and what information should be included in such a document.

Create an hourly invoice to get paid faster

A professional and high quality appearance hourly bill guarantee that payment for completed tasks will arrive on time. When creating such documents manually, a lot of time is spent and it is possible to make critical mistakes. The best option is to use ready-made templates and modern software like Invoice Maker by Saldo Apps. So you can issue invoices on the go and spend a lot less time on the whole process.

When using hourly invoice templates, you should be aware of their difference from regular documents that specify payment per piece. In this case, you need to track the time spent on a particular task. To make your job easier, the service of Saldofactory has a built-in tracker, information from which you can easily transfer to your form. So you can define billable hours up to seconds and get paid based on your contract with a client.

How billable hours work? When used with the right models, they function as pay-per-view products. It is only important to discuss all the nuances of compensation for time spent with a client at the agreement stage. For example, you need to discuss how to include in a freelancer invoice template hours worked. It refers to exactly how you will round the resulting intervals. This is necessary for a customer to have a clear idea of ​​the payment. So, for example, you can choose a 30-minute step, then if a task takes you 3 hours and 20 minutes, round that up to 3.5 hours.

Also specify which types of work involve which rate. If you are working on a large-scale project with multiple tasks, they have different complexity and therefore value for the whole project. It should be clearly reflected in the hourly rate charged. If you’re unsure how to differentiate salaries, find out the average income for similar jobs in your industry.

What information should the hours worked invoice include?

Like any other payment document, a timesheet invoice should include essential information about a contractor, client, work performed and payment. You must provide the following data:

  • title “Invoice”, paper identity document, date of creation and terms of payment;
  • information about you and your customer: name or function of the company, telephone number, e-mail, address, etc.
  • complete list of services provided: task names, hourly rate, total number of hours spent and additional details;
  • discounts, shipping costs and amount payable;
  • payment methods available;
  • your comments, tips and manuals that will help a customer pay faster.

It is what to put on an invoice to give it a professional look. Some types of work include not only the provision of services, but also the delivery of certain goods. In this case, you can also add items paid at unit price to your hourly bill. The system automatically summarizes all the services and products included in the list and displays the final amount to be paid.

When you’ve finished your document, check it for errors and typos. The finished document can be sent to a recipient via email or via a link. If necessary, download the file to your device and print it even if this option suits your customer better. daily tasks like time billing becomeme convenient and easy with the right tools at hand.


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