Hubject launches automatic invoice management


Hubject introduced invoice management as part of its eRoaming services. The new function “Invoice management” should simplify – ie. automate – processes for over 1,000 B2B partners. Until now, manual transfer of load data was still necessary in some cases.

Until now, the billing process between charging station operators (CPOs) and eMobility service providers (EMPs) often involved manual work, where the costs of each completed charging process and tax information had to be done. be seized. This process will now be automated with the new function.

This is not about billing the customer (since this is the responsibility of the EMP), but invoicing in the background between the EMP and the CPO. According to Hubject, the rates provided by the CPO are now automatically combined with Charge Detail Records (CDRs). This allows the final invoice to be sent digitally to the EMP. In turn, the CPO receives a monthly overview of all transactions of all EMPs that have taken place in its charging network.

Hubject says the new invoice management function uses the data already available on the platform but ties it together in a new way, so now the CPO should be able to get the most out of the platform in just a few steps. only. Hubject says this feature simplifies billing processes, saves time, and reduces errors.

“With ‘Invoice Management’ our partners can do business more effectively and efficiently and advance electric mobility,” says Carsten Puhl, CTO of Hubject. “Which is – of course – Hubject’s mission. “


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