Independent software vendors can link software to Clover point-of-sale devices


Fiserv, which provides payment and financial services technologies, has deployed a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, allowing independent software vendors (ISVs) to install software directly into point-of-service devices. sale (POS) Clover, according to a Press release.

The move will allow “ISV software users to be more agile in how and where they run their business,” the statement said. It will also allow independent software vendors to provide business customers with a complete platform to combine business software with secure payment acceptance and point-of-sale terminals in one place.

The new PaaS offering is part of Fiserv’s Clover Connect, the statement said. Clover Connect empowers software vendors to create new revenue streams, provide customers with access to value-added services, drive new customer onboarding, and improve customer retention by streamlining the experience user.

PaaS integration will help eliminate meter clutter and ensure that business owners don’t have to switch between screens or devices, the release said. They also no longer need to have a computer and a separate payment terminal on their desk or counter.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the heart of our economy and the backbone of our communities, and we are committed to helping them succeed and access our services in the way that works best for them,” said Brandon Lloyd , ISV Manager at Clover. , in the press release. “By making integration with Clover easier for our ISV partners, we enable connections essential to effective business operations, enabling software vendors to grow their businesses and give their customers an edge in a rapidly changing environment.

Earlier this month, Fiserv purchased BentoBox, a marketing and commerce platform for restaurants. The goal is to integrate this company’s technology into Fiserv’s Clover foodservice technology solutions and give Clover access to BentoBox’s website building products, digital ordering features and marketing tools.

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