Last drinks for 12-year-old entrepreneur as council rejects bargaining request


12-year-old Jesse Lane’s drink stand began as a small cash-only honesty box outside his Coogee home. After three years, it grew into a weekend tent business selling cold drinks and dog treats to walkers on the Bondi Trail in Coogee.

But he is now forced to call the last drinks of his weekend job after Randwick City Council rejected the tween’s official trade request, ending months of anxious waiting and debating over the business of the young entrepreneur in the consulting field.

Teenage entrepreneur Jesse has just had his business application rejected by Randwick council. Credit:Rhett Wyman

Jesse’s father, Peter Lane, said the business was popular with most locals.

“He’s a very determined young kid,” he said.

“He loves catching up with the regulars, and he knows their dogs… Everyone seems to be happy.”

Jesse has already collected more than 6,000 signatures from residents supporting his business and plans to present his petition to the mayor in the coming weeks.

The business evolved from selling herbs with an honesty box outside his house to “Jesse’s Shop” on the Dunningham Reservation on the North Cliffs of Coogee Beach about 18 months ago.

Relying on his impressive sales skills and the lure of soft drinks to entice walkers, Jesse, who accepts credit cards, quickly became well known in the community.

But that all changed earlier this year when Randwick City Council received two complaints from locals who thought the would-be seller shouldn’t have used public land for the sales.


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