More people eligible to receive £150 cash payment to help with energy costs


More people will be able to claim back the £150 council tax as council expands the scheme.

Eligible people can receive a cash payment to help cover energy costs.

Under the new expanded criteria, eligible individuals include:

  • People living in EH-ringed properties who have low incomes or do not pay council tax for care or health reasons
  • Low-income people who pay energy bills but no council tax
  • People living in low-income, multiple-occupancy houses
  • People living in emergency accommodation or accompanied
  • Households where there has been a recent change in council tax bracket that now places them in an eligible bracket
  • Students
  • Low-income households not eligible for council tax

The full list of criteria is available on the West Oxfordshire District Council website along with an application form.

The council encourages people to apply online, but phone lines are available.

Councilor Dan Levy, Cabinet Member for Finance, said: “We have expanded the criteria for funding to make it available to more people who may need help.

“For those eligible, they can apply and receive a payment of £150 to help cover energy costs.

“We designed the program to help those most in need, including people on benefits, people living in shared accommodation and people on low incomes.

“I urge people to let their friends and family know so we can get this support to people who need it.”

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