NAB chief pledges to take action against PTI leaders if demand is filed


LAHORE: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman Judge (ret’d) Javed Iqbal on Wednesday criticized people saying his organization was “soft” to the government of the day, and pledged he would take tough action if a claim was filed against Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaf (PTI) leaders.

“I will take action within 48 hours against the [incumbent] government if someone files a complaint against him, ”Iqbal said, adding that there was no“ sacred cow ”in the country.

Addressing a check distribution ceremony at the NAB Lahore office, the NAB chief further asked critics how many demands they have made against the government of the day so far.

The NAB chairman said the office is reviewing its 1,270 references filed before it over the past four years and correcting any technical or legal issues they face.

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“In addition, we are also reviewing our pending appeals in liability courts,” he said, adding that if the liability watchdog files a complaint against a malicious person, the courts may overturn it. .

Javed Iqbal believed that anyone could make mistakes, but he would take strict action if corruption against an NAB official was proven. He further said that if anyone had evidence of the corruption of an NAB official, they should provide evidence so that they take strict action against the accused officials.

“It’s an easy job to accuse anyone of corruption, but to prove that it is a difficult problem to solve,” said the head of the NAB.

Condemning the ongoing propaganda against the NAB, the president said black sheep are everywhere and that he has taken more than 100 disciplinary actions against such officials within his institution.

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“Some officials have been kicked out of the NAB and some also face responsibility right now,” Judge Iqbal said.

Judge Javed Iqbal, who was making his first visit to NAB Lahore after being granted an extension, also attacked those who tried to slander and portray the office as a controversial institution.

“Some people’s politics only revolved around the NAB,” said the head of the NAB.

Vowing to continue the bureau’s fight against corruption, even whether or not he remains president, Javed Iqbal said he has tried to give his best during his four-year tenure.

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“There has been a storm in the teacup as to where the recovery of NAB is going,” he said, adding that NAB does not get recovery in the form of hard cash rather than land. precious, plots, etc. pockets of affected people. He said the media should have asked him about the reality of the allegations related to the office recoveries.

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