Problem for Software Engineers: Internet Shutdown


Already 19 people have been arrested. 24 other people have been arrested and are under investigation. Six FIRs have been registered against the accused under various articles. Agitation for the rest by special teams. On the 24th of this month, CCTV footage of various intersections in the city of Amalapuram was identified by WhatsApp groups based on scenes aired on TV channels.

It is learned that the police banned the Internet in the city of Amalapuram and Konaseema from May 24. Police disabled internet with all mobile services. These measures were taken to prevent the spread of rumors and messages related to the riots via social networks. The internet ban would continue for a few more days.

The government’s decision to ban the internet, following the death of Enki Pelli Subbi, has caused severe hardship for software engineers working from home under the work-from-home system. They all have serious problems with the lack of internet access. The government wants to quickly lift the Internet ban.

With the advent of the internet on the banks of the Godavari, people go there and work. All the software engineers grab the laptops and run to the shores of Godavari. Sitting there and doing the tasks assigned to them by the company. Especially in mukteshwar only internet goes up a bit. With that, the software engineers go there and do their job. They are all worried as the government says the internet ban will continue for a few more days.

They say that with the advent of the Internet, they find it very difficult to come home from work. As a result, companies are unable to complete the tasks assigned to them in a timely manner. They want to relax the internet ban for people like them.

Traders, meanwhile, are also facing serious difficulties. phone Pay google pay paytm amazon Pay Payments have come to a standstill so consumers won’t be spared merchant troubles. Only cash transactions are permitted. As a result, retailers or retailers find it difficult to access cash or consumers.


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