Sheffield car parks set to keep cash payment facilities or thousands of motorists will be ‘excluded’, adviser says

Count Joe Otten

Sheffield Council is looking for a new entrepreneur to handle payments by phone, SMS, app and online on the parking meters it owns.

Officers say the service is not designed to replace cash payments, but Liberal Democrat advisers have called the decision and it will now go to a review committee for further discussion.

Councilor Joe Otten said: ‘This is a very worrying decision, as research shows that thousands of Sheffield residents do not have cell phones and many others do not regularly have cell phones. their with them.

“These people will effectively be excluded from parking in the parking lots of the town hall and that is unacceptable.

“The council’s own data shows that around a third of parking payments are still made in cash.

“We should make it easier for residents to visit stores and restaurants after Covid, not to make people jump through hoops just to park their cars.

“We understand that collecting money from machines costs money. We would prefer the council to at least allow card payments in small parking lots where collecting money is not profitable, that would exclude a lot fewer people. “

In a report, parking manager Ben Brailsford says alternative methods to cash have dropped from 11% of total transactions in 2016 to 67% currently.

He said, “The popularity is linked to having a better experience for our customers. When the maximum time limit has not already been purchased, it allows people to extend their remote parking session without returning to their vehicle.

“It reduces the need for clients to overpay for a session where they don’t know how long they need, as sessions can simply be extended remotely.

“Text or app reminders help customers know when their session ends and help avoid timeouts that could result in receiving a penalty notice.

“The cost of parking for customers is the same using cash or a cashless alternative. “

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