SIX and BearingPoint collaborate on the invoice-payment service


Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint and Swiss financial market infrastructure operator SIX are teaming up to develop a fully integrated billing service.

The service will digitize the entire value-added chain from invoice issuance to payment: billers will send invoices directly and securely to their customers’ online and mobile banking applications. Customers can check all information online and then approve an invoice payment with one click. This service will also support SEPA Request-To-Pay (SRTP) functions.

The platform is based on SIX’s eBill processing infrastructure, as this is already well established in Switzerland and will be deployed in Europe thanks to BearingPoint’s industry experience. The objective is to offer banks in Europe a model tested in Switzerland and which allows the receipt of invoices and the release of payments directly via the electronic payment platforms of these banks. A key advantage is the ease of integration into bank environments, thus enabling fast and cost effective implementations. The solution deployment schedule depends on the participation of banks and billers in the respective countries. BearingPoint and SIX are currently planning the first applications in the European market by 2023.

“With eBill, SIX has implemented a successful solution for digital invoices in the Swiss market. It is used by around 100 financial institutions and already affects more than half of Swiss households. In our next step, we want to implement this innovative solution across Europe in partnership with BearingPoint ”, underlines Marco Menotti, Head of Banking Services and member of the SIX Board of Directors.

“The role of the bank account in processing payments is changing. Banks need to determine how they will position their customers’ accounts in the future. Our common solution provides banks with a way to link accounts to additional services related to receiving and paying invoices, and creates an overall win-win situation for banks, consumers and businesses, ”adds Thomas Steiner, Global Leader Banking & Capital Markets at BearingPoint, explaining the motivation for the initiative.

“With our innovative solution, we can help billers achieve significant savings when processing wire transfers. It also dramatically improves the user experience for debtors, as they receive invoices and initiate payments in one step and in the familiar digital environment of their own bank. For the banks, this will result in a strengthening of their customer relationships and, thanks to the reduction of paper invoices, will also contribute to the protection of the environment ”, notes Stefan Schütt, responsible for the RtP initiative at BearingPoint.


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