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Recently, we tracked a series of PayPal-based invoice scams, in which fraudsters email invoices through PayPal to potential victims. This week’s example used the Solana blockchain as a disguise. As seen below, the invoice contains a large fictitious payment intended to alarm the recipient.

How Solana PayPal Invoice Scam Works

Next to the communication is a telephone number to which the victim is invited to Contact to challenge the pending charge. This scam is very effective in its social engineering strategy because the email is, after all, a legitimate email that Is come directly from PayPal. Thus, the whole incident is lent a smokescreen of persuasion. Victims who call the number to dispute the charge will be put in direct contact with the scammers. At this point, several scam attempts will be open to the scammer, for example:

  • request personal information to authenticate your account;
  • ask the person to download necessary software such as administrative tools;
  • asking the victim to visit the website, “globalquicksupport[.]com”;
  • and even request direct control of the user’s device.

In response to these scams, PayPal said:

“We are aware of this well-known phishing scam and have implemented additional controls to mitigate this specific incident. Nonetheless, we encourage customers to always be vigilant online and to contact customer service directly if they suspect that they are the target of a scam.

So, to sum up, beware of unexpected/unauthorized charges that arrive via email, even if the email itself is from a legitimate company such as PayPal. NEVER click on links or call numbers – and if in doubt, contact the relevant company directly.

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