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STERLING — When isn’t a consolidated district plan about consolidating Sterling Public Schools with another district?

Answer: Where “consolidated” is the name given by the Illinois State Board of Education to its unified grant application process.

In fact, Superintendent Tad Everett praised members of the alert community.

“If you’re wondering if people are reading the agenda, well, I’ve had callers asking if we’re consolidating with another school,” he told the school board during of its May meeting on Wednesday at the high school library.

Timothy Schwingle, district finance manager, also prefaced his presentation with an explanation of the confusing headline.

Essentially, the Consolidated District Plan is the state’s means of consolidating required information for state and federal grants that the district files using the ISBE web application security system.

By voting to approve — which the board unanimously did — the district can complete the grant application process. This includes the previously board-approved Title 1 plan that provides additional reading and math support for elementary students and also provides professional development for existing teaching staff.

The actual request was 24 pages long and nearly identical to the request filed by the district in 2022.

Some grants meet other needs: language teaching, student support and academic enrichment, special education and preschool.

The application also includes the district’s intentions for COVID-19 Recovery Grants – Emergency Relief Fund for Elementary and Secondary II and III Schools – such as payment for substitute teachers and replacement of heating and air conditioning. .

other business

The board held a public hearing on the amended budget for the 2021-22 school year, at which there was no input from the community. Later in the same meeting, the board voted to approve it. The budget is amended at the end of the school year to reflect the receipt of grants during the year that were not finalized when the budget was developed. The revision shows additional revenues of $70.75 million with expenses of just over $59.67 million. The original budget called for expenditures of $52.4 million and revenues of $53.91 million.

Routinely, the board approved that the transfer of interest earned from working capital be maintained as is and not added to the principal for the 2022-23 school year. The budget summary indicated that it was approximately $2,000.

The board passed the resolution for the issuance of General Obligation Bonds 2022A and Taxable General Obligation Bonds 2022B. The bond sale took place on Wednesday. Bonds are used to pay for renovations. The Washington renovation project will begin on Wednesday, June 1. The storage modules essential to the project were to be delivered no later than May 31. Asbestos abatement for the Sterling High School HVAC project was underway, as was the removal of old pipes.


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