Tamawood: Stock Listing Request – TWD


Quotation request for +securitiesSummary of the announcement

Name of entity

For personal use only


Type of news

New announcement

Date of this announcement

Friday 08 April 2022

The +securities to be listed are:Other

Total number of +stocks to be listedASX + security


Security description

Date of issue





Number of +securities to be listed

See next page for full listing detailsQuotation request for +securities

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Quotation request for +securitiesPart 1 – Entity and listing details

For personal use only

1.1 Entity name TAMAWOOD LIMITED

We (the entity named above) request +listing of the following +securities and accept the questions set out in Appendix 2A of the ASX Listing Rules.

1.2 Type of registered number NBA

1.3 ASX issuer code TWD

1.4 The announcement isNew announcement

1.5 Date of this announcement 08/04/2022

Registration number 56010954499

Quotation request for +securities

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Quotation request for +securities

Part 2 – Type of problem

Additional + securities in a class that is already listed on ASX (“existing class”)

2.3c Were these +titles offered as part of an +information document or a +PDS?


2.3c.1 Date of +information document or +PDS?


2.3d Please provide any additional information necessary to understand the circumstances under which you are applying for listing of these +securities on the ASX, including why the issue of the +securities has not previously been announced to the market within a appendix 3B

Issuance of shares in connection with a takeover of Astivita Limited in accordance with the bidders’ statement dated 6 April 2022.

Quotation request for +securities

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Quotation request for +securities

Part 3B – number and type of +listed securities (existing class) whose issue has not been previously notified to the ASX in an appendix 3B

For personal use only

Additional titles + to be listed in an existing class

ASX + security code and description


Date of issue 29/5/2022

Will the +listed securities rank pari passu in all respects from their date of issue with existing +issued securities of that class?


Problem details

Number of +securities to be listed


Are the +securities issued for cash consideration?


Please describe the consideration offered for the +titles

One Tamawood Limited share for every 5 Astivita Limited shares.

Please provide an estimate (in AUD) of the value of the consideration provided by +security for the +securities to be listed


Any other information that the entity wishes to provide on the +securities to be listed

The purpose(s) for which the entity issues the securities

To pay for the acquisition of a property

Please provide additional details

Refer to Bidders Statement dated April 6, 2022.

Quotation request for +securities

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Quotation request for +securitiesPart 4 – Subscribed capital after listing

For personal use only

Following the listing of the +securities covered by this request, the entity’s subscribed capital will include:

(A discrepancy in these numbers to yours may be due to a timing issue if there is more than one quote/issue request currently with ASX to process.)

4.1 Listed +securities (total number of +each category of +listed +securities on ASX following the +listing of the +securities subject to this request)

ASX + security code and description


Total number of

+ securities in issue

4.2 Unlisted +securities (total number of +each class of +issued but unlisted +securities on ASX)ASX + security code and description


Total number of

+ securities in issue

Quotation request for +securities

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