Watch video: A bank employee refuses to pay cash to a girl wearing a hijab in the Indian state of Bihar


The incident took place last week at the Mansoor Chowk branch of UCO bank in Begusarai district but came to light after a video of the incident went viral on social media. Begusarai is represented by party leader Bhartiya Janata Giriraj Singh in Lok Sabha. Singh is Federal Minister for Rural Development Panchayati Raj in the Narendra Modi government.

According to reports, the girl filled out the withdrawal slip at the bank and waited her turn to get the money. However, when her turn came, the cashier asked her to remove the hijab to “confirm” her identity, which she strongly protested.

She immediately informed her father, who rushed to the bank.

Within minutes, the girl and her father got into a verbal altercation with bank officials during which the latter also asked them to show any government directives preventing cash withdrawals by people carrying the hijab. Even as the altercation continued, the girl recorded the whole incident on her mobile phone despite the objections of bank officials and later posted it on social media, which has now gone viral.

“My daughter has a savings account with this branch, and several times in the past she has withdrawn money, she was told to remove the veil from her face this time. It never happened. produced before,” the girl’s father, Matin Khan, told local media.

As the controversy generated heat, bank officials were quick to issue a clarification saying the incident had nothing to do with the Hijab row and was done only to confirm his identity. . The bank also issued a statement: “The bank respects the religious feelings of citizens and does not discriminate against its esteemed customers on the basis of caste or religion. The bank checks the facts on this issue.

Bihar Opposition Leader and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Tejashwi Yadav has denounced Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for being a silent spectator of such an incident in his home state.

“How long will you stay silent just to cling to power? (I) understand that you have mortgaged your ideologies, your principles and your inner voice to the BJP, but at least keep note of the Constitution oath you have taken. Please arrest those involved in this incident,” Tejashwi tweeted.


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