Zoho Invoice Review – Forbes Advisor


Zoho Invoice is a free invoicing platform that empowers freelancers and small business owners to manage their accounting in an organized and professional way. Whether you’re used to manually creating every invoice, struggle to keep track of payments, or just want to improve the level of professionalism in your business, Zoho’s free invoice templates and software are a great tool. to achieve all goals. above.

Zoho lets you send up to 1,000 invoices per year. The platform allows you to accept payments, keep a record of invoices sent and received, as well as record payments offline, view invoice history and track payments. To create an invoice, you can choose from a selection of templates and then customize each to match your company’s brand and aesthetic, a great way to add a professional touch to your invoicing process. Customization options allow you to change the look of the item table, create invoices in multiple languages ​​and invoice in different currencies, include tax information on your invoice, and customize different invoices for different customers.

Zoho also provides the option to create project estimates, with an overview of details such as prices, discounts, terms and conditions. You’ll be able to convert your estimates to an invoice and track your project’s estimate history and client interaction. Finally, you can also send billing reminders.

Zoho supports ten payment gateway options including Stripe and PayPal. It lets you automatically bill customers at recurring intervals, send payment reminders, record offline payments, and collect prepayments. Payment gateways charge their own separate payment processing fees (usually around 3% for credit card payments and 1% for ACH bank transfer payments), but this is industry standard.

Zoho Invoice also lets you track time spent working on projects and invoice clients by project or task.


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